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Cooperate with us

We are an association of 1000 people. Our team is composed by experts in all fields of applied psychology, psychometrics  and the production of e-learning platforms.  We are located in Bologna, Italy.

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Our numbers

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14 Erasmus+ projects approved in the last 3 years

In most cases we’ve written entirely or cooperated in writing the approved projects. We are available in writing new projects together and/or reviewing together the application form.

34000 users of the website

Our website hosts 34000 users of our e-learning platform based on free courses of applied psychology.

1 million views/year of our content


We use several sources for dissemination processes. Our numbers are 1 million views on Youtube channel. 60000 people access to the website every month. 34000 users of the newsletter. 30000 likes on Facebook. Average of 2000 participants per year at our events, courses and conferences. 

214 experts in applied psychology, education and national security


Our association collected 214 profiles of experts in the field of applied psychology and education, we can easily select the most appropriate experts for your project if it’s related to psychological topics (ie, clinical psychology, work and organizational psychology, forensic psychology, schools psychology, special education needs, national security etc.)

Let’s cooperate in a common Erasmus+ Project

Cooperate with us